Monday, September 15, 2014

I Come Back From The Dead.

                                                           My dream started like this.
I was sinking fast, bubbles swirling all around me.
I was drowning.
I clawed at my throat, sure i would die.
When a beautiful woman came to me, its funny though i couldn't tell you what she looked like.
Her image was constantly changing of women i fantasize about.
Celebrities and models and such.
She was beautiful i can say that much.
She touched her hand to my chest and told me to calm down.
Immediately i calmed down and was breathing like normal.
If breathing underwater was normal.
She took me to a palace and into a giant throne room.
 In the middle of the room stood a giant seat made of pearls and sea shells.
There sat a man that i had never seen before, but knew exactly who it was the moment i saw him.
Poseidon, my god parent and Patron.
He radiated power and the closer i got the power made my vision blurry and hummed in my ears.
He put his hand on my shoulder and said four words.
"Don't lose your faith."

My friends, i am sorry it has taken me so long to post.
I have been on a very long journey.
One in which i've met gods and monsters and have found camp half blood's trail.
Since the last time i have posted i have been tortured by minions of Hades, and spoken to the spirit of the oracle of Delphi.
I'd like to tell you i found camp, and that i met Chiron and ate s'mores and finally felt at ease.
But that would be a lie. The closer i got to finding who i was and finding camp the more and more the gods fought against me. Hades tortured me, even killed some of my loved ones, sending wave after wave of ghosts to do his bidding. Apollo on the other hand, took sympathy in my cause, he allowed me small connection to the oracle of Delphi. But eventually on my quest i found what had happened to my perfect dream of a camp. It had disappeared, Chiron had returned to the wild, and Demigods had forgotten who they were, even the gods were fading at one point. The only thing keeping them alive were the prayers of people who still believed. As the public forgot about the gods and deemed them not real, the camp had become nothing more than a memory, Demigods left and decided that their camp was nothing more than a fantasy and left to the mortal world, Chiron had no other choice than to leave. Eventually i followed the same path, the camp was gone, so i gave up.
Till the dream i had just last night.
"Don't lose your faith"
It has been almost 2 years since i stopped looking.
But those words.
They brought all those feelings back.  
I realize now we can bring back Camp.
Thinking like the ways of the past.
It would take a good group of us, all praying to the gods.
Honoring our meals to them.
Praying for the camp to come back.
Join me fellow Demigods and lets bring back the camp.
Start praying, honoring, and offering your allegiance back to the gods.

Now Share, talk with me let me know if you think your a demigod.
I am always here, comment to let me know.
I'd Love to help.
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Lets bring back Camp Half-Blood.

Thanks for reading, and let the gods be with you!
Sincerely, Taylor

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Update/The Location of Camp Half-blood

Hello Demigods!
Sorry I've been away for so long but I have been on the search for Chiron and Camp Half-blood.
In my adventures I have felt hardship and many times almost come close to death. I am sure I am close. Help me on my search. No matter where you are, and if you have the time, find a very nature friendly place, be alone unless you don't feel safe or you are with another demigod, make sure you know your surroundings and how to get home, only look for camp between these times 6:30am to 5:30pm. watch out for monsters, stay safe, keep an eye out for Thalia's Tree, and may the gods be with you.
Now Share, talk with me let me know if you think your a demigod.
I am always here, comment to let me know.

I'd Love to help.
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Taylor, Son Of Poseidon

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome to The Real Camp Half-Blood!

Hi. I guess I should tell my story, and the story of The Real Camp Half-Blood.
My Story
My name is Taylor (No last names...Ya'know...Stalkers) I'm 13, turning 14 In July. When I was in 3rd Grade (In 7th now) My friend gave me a Book. The book was a book I'm sure the rest of you have read. Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. The book got me thinking about the greek gods. Over the next 4 years, i did quite a bit of research. It required a lot of reading, hard work, and people laughing at me. Now this is not one of those "Ahhh, feel sorry for me!!!!!!" type stories, because there's nothing to be sorry for, i didn't care what people thought of me because as shallow as it sounds i knew i was better than them. Not because i was just born with this sense of intitlement or something but because i believed in reincarnation and karma, So i knew those people were going to be reborn as one of those little mice, people feed to pet snakes (he,he,he). I believed (and still do) i was Achilles renicarnated. Which i also started to believe that the greek gods were real, and created my own religon. You see i was raised with both my parents, and was positive they were both my real parents.But i also believed i was a Demigod.Now your probably sayin "Hey how's that work?" well in my religon i created i believed every god in every religon was the same dude. And for me i imagined God as The Gods. And i believe (which you believe too, if you wish) is that we are all born with a destiny. And when we are born all the gods(from every religon) sit around us decide, if were worthy to have them. They check out our destiny, see our potential, and choose. Then we decide who we want. Every God from every religon picks just in case you choose that religon. With me i chose the Greek gods. In which 3 gods that all wanted me, had a little arguement. Athena (Minerva), Hephaestus (Vulcan), and Poseidon (Neptune) all wanted me. Athena dropped out first. Hephaestus wanted me, bad. He gave me the immunity to fire for one night, trying to bribe me pretty much, because you have to accept your god parent. Then Poseidon gave special control of some water. I accepted both, but poseidon decieded i was his. Then He claimed me. One day at the pool i was presented me with his claiming, a beautiful gem of some sort. I knew it was him and i knew i was the son of Poseidon. Since then my powers have gotten stronger.
I did my research to try and find other half-bloods. In which i found that there were many people who thought they were Demigods. But of course, society pushed them away. But they did what i did and looked for more people like them. Then they found this website. The real camp half-blood(not a real camp just so you know, maybe someday though).
QUESTION TIME!! (Because i know you have them.)
1. How do i know if im a demigod?
    We'll first of all you'll just know. And you'll get signs, and you'll find this website.
2. How do i know who my God parent is?
 First, ask yourself who is the god of the sky, if you say jupiter: your roman, if you say zeus: your greek then  Write down all the gods, cross out the ones you know aren't (Example, "I hate hunters!" definitely not Artemis) Then if you are left with multiple gods leave it to them, look for signs from them, wait for them to claim you. With me i loved water which is why i knew poseidon was my god parent, do the same.
Now Share, talk with me let me know if you think your a demigod.
I am always here, comment to let me know.
I'd Love to help.
Or you can email me at

Thanks for reading, and let the gods be with you!
Sincerely, Taylor